KLM Control


Flight attendant panels have an outdated and unconfident UI. So the task was do a redesign with the brand identity of an airline company, KLM (royal dutch airlines).
The project was supervised by Anne Kathrine Nissen, currently a UX designer of Daresay design before this designer for Airbus.



- "To create a Flight attendants panel with the focus on simplicity and connectivity to enhance the wellbeing of flight attendants." -

KLM Control

Through the panel, flight attendants can control features in the plane like lights and music. Next to this they can quickly asses passenger info, communicate with each other and look into their schedules.

Passenger overview

In this section attendants can quickly see if a passenger has special needs and find information about their connecting flights.


Planes have become huge in size which calls for a communication platform. Now request can be placed to quickly get assistance.

Staff planning

In the staff planning they can see who works when plus a profile page is shown to give their work a personal touch.


I realized that just a graphical redesign of the current functionalists was for me not enough to deliver a coherent design that solves the usability issues. Therefore I first evaluated the concept of the flight attendant panel. Since there was limited time in the project, no quick access to users plus the focus was on graphic design the improved concept is made based on user research through internet and input from Anne Katherine.


To get a feel for the plane environment I made a LEGO size model and acted out possible scenarios based on my research.


Through the scenario acting possible features for he flight attendant panel were found.


By critically evaluating them myself and based on feedback from Anne Kathrine the final features were set and put in a sitemap to create a clear overview.


Low-fi exploration sketches were made to make early design decision. These decisions were based on user feedback and Google material design.


To give the panel the corporate identity of KLM a brand study has been done which has inspired the graphical layout.


The app graphical layout is made in Sketch and a working prototype Framer X.


Through the prototype design decisions have been tested, evaluated and improved which lead to the final design.

My thoughts

I wanted to deliver an app that is a cohesive whole I decided to do a quick concept redesign. I saw that this approach helped me a lot in the graphic design phase later on because I made all the architecture decisions in the beginning. For this project I really wanted to make a working prototype using Framer X to make the final prototype since I have coding skills and wanted make most use of them. I think this was a good move and a skill that will be valuable for me in the future.