5 days, 2019

Geert Roumen and Lea Bachmann

What if....

We can search for other peoples perspectives

My thoughts

Search engines like google provide the answer it thinks you are looking for. It decided this based on the profile they have of you. By providing this customized search you will never find an answer that is outside of your own bubble. In my opinion, this creates a societal problem, people are fed into their own perspective. To have an understanding and caring society we need to be able to understand people's backgrounds and their perspectives. The project is a futuristic concept that plays with this. It envisions a future in which, through VR, we can search and step into the world and learn about the perspective of other people.

When searching instead of providing a list with the first option providing the most “right” answer. we explored with different ways of presenting search results to allow for more exploration.

By placing different people in a virtual space you can physically move around in the space and search through their different perspectives.

Through virtually stepping into their world we aimed to give people a sneak peek into the life and background of the other person. This too quickly realize from which standpoint they are coming.