A short sprint project to explore sound design in industrial design. The team consisted of an mix of interaction designers and product designers. Through quick decision making, prototyping and validating we have delivered Hana.



- "A personal alarm for public spaces that informs when to use a medicine, where it is, how to use it and encourge to actually do it." -


Hana is a jewelry that you always wear. In case of an emergency the alarm can be triggerd.


The alarm will attract people, direct them to the medicine and guide them through the procedure.


A severe allergic reaction occurs.


The alarm is activated.


Bystanders are attracted and informed.


The medicine is found through sound feedback.


Through guidance the medicine is used.


A life is saved.


Hana provides a simple interaction to trigger the alarm and guidance through a complex and stressful situation.

Through the sound design attention is attracted to the situation and the medicine since this needs to be found as fast as possible.

Physical instructions will pop-up for extra guidance.

As well as sound light will indicate when to listen, and when to confirm so calm and clear guidance can be given.


Through the service Hana can be personalized according to your personal medical situation and style preferences.


Hana is designed to be worn 24/7 within this the focus was to create a shape for everyone everyday with customizable colours.

My role in the design process

Concept design

The concept phase was done with the whole team in order to get everybody's input, find common ground and from there on split up.

Interaction design

The main challenge was to attract and guide people calmly. Several interaction concepts have been tested which led to voice guidance, a printout of instructions and a simple button to create structure in the process.


To test interaction possibilities and clear light guides I build multiple prototypes to iterate.

Final prototype

I made the final model working with arduino which was used to give a proof of concept demo.

My thoughts

We have achieved a lot as a team in only 2 weeks. This due to quick decision making and working structured approach. I enjoyed this approach since it prevents endless discussions and every day consisted of different tasks. Since we all had very different skill sets we devided the work accordingly to make maximum use of our differences. Throughout this, we found that communication is key.