Concept designer @ LEGO


I was part of the design team in the Product & Technology department. My team had two roles, supporting the development of interactive and technology based products for the LEGO play themes, like LEGO Mindstorms. And playing with technology to inspire play themes and push innovative concepts into the company.


LEGO Duplo Coding Train

- A steam train for children from 1,5 years up to 5 that stimulates developing early construction, role-play and very basic programming skills through play. -


Push & Go

By the easy push to drive interaction young children can become train drivers.

Action Bricks

Action bricks can be placed on the tracks to make the lights blink, stop the train or reverse the direction.

Connected expierence

Connect the train to do fun activities or remote control the train.

My role in the team

I joined this project halfway the design phase. My focus was on developing the action bricks.
I explored possibilities by prototyping different systems from usability and technical feasability point of view.

During the system design I realized that the proposed concept was not produceable. This because of the different color LEGO Duplo tracks that have been produced over the years which would mess with the color sensor readings.

My job changed from just designing a system to a redesign of the concept of the action bricks. Which involved usability and technical feasibility test.

After evaluating concepts I proposed to the technical team, the LEGO DUPLO team and the digital design team we decided to go for the minimal solution of only 1 colour.


The other launch projects I have worked on are still confidential. Within these projects I have done concept design, user testing with big groups of kids varying in age and making working prototypes in order to do so. Next to this I have been playing around with several exploration projects to try out stuff which sometimes inspired people and influenced launch projects throughout the company.

My thoughts

Overall working at LEGO has been one of the best experiences in my life. It gave me experience in working together with digital designers, usability experts, marketing experts and engineers. We all came from different starting points and company politics had a big influence. I felt that from a design perspective not always the full potential was reached which I found out is the reality in these big companies.


Oliver Wallington, Concept manager
“ We generally try not to give internship students project critical task, however are happy when they chose to take them under their own initiative, Ilse has done this a number of occasions and succeeded.”